Caruba stands for ... the advantages of our brand.

Wide range

A complete srange of products;
compatible with all major brands.

Extended warranty

We offer a 3 year (exchange) guarantee on all products! For some products we even offer a 25 year warranty!

Fair pricing

A good product, at a fair price. Why would you choose expensive, if you can get it for a lower price?

Caruba stands for ... the advantages of our brand.

Varied product range

The Caruba range includes all kinds of products: from speed lite accessory to rain cover, from remote control to tripod accessories, from extension tube to storage bag in every size. The range of Caruba currently consists of approximately 1800 different photo and video accessories. We aim to offer you everything that you are looking for, so we add new digital gadgets, photo tools and accessories to our range regularly.


One of the great advantages of our products is that they are compatible with all different major camera brands, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Fujifilm, GoPro or DJI. We also have various products that are specially tailored to combine with the mounts from Arca Swiss, Manfrotto or specific lens models.

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Good price

Caruba stands for photography equipment and accessories with good quality and a good price. Where other brands will charge you high prices for their product, Caruba will offer you a cheaper option.

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