Caruba products: from accessory to studio gear

Caruba products: from accessory to studio gear

The Caruba range consists of more than 1800 various accessories, gadgets and tools.

Some of our product categories are:

Camera bags and cases

Everything for safe storage of cameras, studio equipment, tripods, compact cameras, storage cards and filters.

Tripods & accessories

Tripods, plus a wide range of accessories such as: tripod plates, lens plates, quick release clamps, panorama heads, leveling bases, sandbags, screws, spigots and screw adapters.

Adapter rings

Mount adapters, t-mount couplers, reversing rings and extension tubes for various camera brands and thread diameters.

Action camera accessories

Bike mount, adhesive mounts, housing, floating handles and selfie sticks, car chargers and filters for GoPro action cameras.

Flash / speedlite accessories

Flash shoe adapters, multi-flash holders, speedlite stands and protection caps.

Grips & sliders

Stabilizers, camera sliders and (double) camera handles for DSLR and video cameras, with matching accessories.

Remote controls

Remotes for cameras, shutters and smartphones: wired, bluethooth or infrared.

Lens & body caps

Protection for the front / back of camera lenses and camera bodies, writable caps & cap clips.

Sun hoods

Lens Hoods for lenses of o.a. Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Pentax, Sony and universal. Made of rubber or plastic in various colors.

LCD foils & rain protection

Rain covers for camera-lens combinations and protective caps and foils for LCD displays.

Vision tools

Eyecups, angled finders, magnifiers and LCD loops for better vision through the camera.

Cables & chargers

Travel plugs, car chargers, camera battery inserts, USB and HDMI cables for data and power connections.

Studio equipment and accessories

Background kits, reflectors, screens, flash umbrellas and orbs, holders and flexible arms, various clamps, fastening screws and portable photo studios.

Camera body accessories

Quick release plates for camera and lenses, straps, release buttons and bubble levels.

Cleaning products

Dust blowers, lens pens, microfiber cloths and cleaning kits for lenses, cameras and LCD displays.